Thursday, August 06, 2009

Battle of the Shoes

I usually don't have any problems deciding what shoes to wear. In fact I normally dress from the bottom up. I always know exactly which shoes to wear with any given outfit, so when I was a little stumped last week I was more than a little confused. Johnny had a family reunion I was attending. We knew going in that he also wouldn't know many of the guests so I couldn't use him as a resource to help me decide.
It was an easy choice of clothing. It was hot, though I brought a cardigan just in case, and I thought the khaki skort would help me look presentable, but still able to play a little volleyball if they were going to be a down and dirty kind of family. I was fairly confident that the festivities would be outside, so while heels were out, I knew that these wedges were an option. They made the outfit a bit classier and a bit more dressed up. Of course they also made me 6 feet tall.
Than there were the flat options. These silver sandals have gotten a lot of use this season. And while I loved the little shine they offered, I was afraid they were too simple. I'm probably the only person who fears shiny shoes are too casual. In the end after lots of walking around my apartment in 1 of each of the shoes, I decided on the flip flops. I figured that they would help me stay at the same height as the rest of the crowd. Because I was meeting so many people and wanted to make a good impression, I didn't want the first one to be intimidating. In the end it was a good choice too. Most of the guests were wearing sandals of some kind and the party took place under a tent in a backyard.

I decided despite whatever shoes I wore, my necklace would make enough of a first impression for me. A little girly with a little edge. I loved the colors of the necklace and how they emphasized the silver shoes. I think the wedges with the necklace may have been too much looking back. Maybe accessories to be saved for a Rainier more formal day.

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