Friday, July 17, 2009

That Skirt

Of course I wore the new skirt the day after I bought it. I was so excited that I was able to scoop it up, especially since there were only 2 left. It was a lucky purchase. The colors in the skirt are just so bright so I decided to play up the neutrals in it a bit by wearing a black shirt and tan flats. The black shirt defiantly help emphasize the black lines of the skirt making them distinct flowers and not just a tie-dyed mess. At work about 4 people asked if I had made this skirt. I didn't of course, but I love knowing that my co-workers have such high expectations of my sewing skills. I don't have to let any of them know that I have no idea how to sew pleats. That can be our little secret.
I loved how the full A line skirt made me feel like a girl. I felt like a girl straight from the 50's. I decided to play it up I wanted to add a little sparkle with a headband. I bought this pack of 3 headbands at Target a few months ago. I think they were $10. One is silver one is plain and than there is this black beaded one. I like the little element of surprise, plus headbands help to keep my bangs out of my eyes as they grow out. At dinner last night a friend commented that my headband reminded me of her 5 year old daughters and proceeded to pull out a little blue glitter headband. I have to take it as a compliment. She didn't mean that I dress like a 5 year old, she meant that her 5 year old has style. That must have been what she meant

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