Thursday, July 16, 2009

Closet Mayhem

As I was cutting tags and putting away my new shoes last night, not only did I realize that I am officially busting at the gills with shoes, but I was thinking about just how much my closet has changed shape in the last few months. My roommate moved out in March leaving me with the gorgeous walk-in closet. My walk-in closet is mostly filled with shoes, and even though I've blogged about it before, I thought I would show a little bit of my shoe storage.
In past years, come the beginning of Spring I dutifully put all of my winter items away in storage. This year I decided against it. I think a lot of my ' colder weather pieces' could work on chilly summer nights and instead of hiding everything in closet's I decided to do a little rearranging. My boots, which are usually a bit more out in the open when it's snowing are now safely tucked under my shirts and dresses. This leaves them accesible and out of the way. I've seen lots of boot shapers out and about in the world wide web. I like the idea of being able to keep them firm and straight to help decrease the amount of wrinkles, but hate the idea of having to pay for plastic pieces. So I put my creative hat on and figured out how to create one on my own.

Cardboard pieces ( cut from old shoe boxes) are cut to be just smaller than the size and length of the boots from the top to the heel. I simply slip the cardboard into the boots and use clothes pins to keep the cardboard attached, and the boots together. This simple solution helps my boots stay wrinkle free.

My sneakers don't get a whole lot of use, but even still I have a pair for everything. Since they don't get as much rotation I leave them happily stored on this shelf, easy to see and again out of the way. The top shelf of the shelf is a great place to put the shoe's I am currently wearing most often so they are easy to slip into, and are on display so when I'm picking out outfits I can glance down and get inspired.
Every girl has that random pile of dirty flip flops. It's not that they are dirty as much as they are plain. They are great t-shirt and jeans flip flops, are ideal for pedicures and are completely necessary. I bought this little fold out box years ago and it safely keeps all of my flip flops. In the winter months I just push the box back a bit, out of the way and all together still.

My wine rack is of course still my most favorite piece of furniture I've got. I've told the story over and over again so I'll spare the details. I will say, while I enjoy a nice White Zinfandel, have my shoes have their own little home is so much nicer than having displayed alcohol.
If there is ever any questions about my issues head into my closet. My clothes are color coded, I am slightly OCD. My shoes are organized, I enjoy my addictions. Please keep in mind that all of my flats are stored in hanging racks behind not one but two doors in my apartment. I like to keep my serious addictions slightly hidden. What can I say? I am a 22 year old woman and I am addicted to fashion.

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