Friday, July 17, 2009


For trivia Thursday night, I decided to change out of my new skirt and throw on some jeans. Normally my trivia wardrobe consists of jeans and a t-shirt but with so many new shoes to choose from I just couldn't wear flats. A number of months ago when I was shoe shopping online, I discovered a shoe called, " KayJay". That is what Johnny and my names are together, in a bennifer fashion so we have always jokingly been called KayJay. I emailed him the picture and description of the shoes and announced that it was too bad the shoes were so ugly or I would have to buy them just for their name. These are those shoes. I didn't realize it either until the register announced that these were titles, ' American Eagle KayJay' and that they were $9. They are much cuter in person than they were online.

In real life not only are these shoes cuter, but they are also sky high. I didn't realize this fact until I put them on while talking to a friend and realized with these on I was more than a head taller than her. I am tall in general, this was a little ridiculous though. These shoes made me feel like the beautiful Karla from, Karla's Closet. Of course I didn't have the beautiful California sun, or some amazing Baker heels but with so much height I felt statuesque like her. Karla always has fantastic wardrobe shots and unlike her again, I was stuck unable to get a good angle. These shoes I just couldn't get to look as fantastic as they are in real life. So I decided to try every angle and post them all. I should I known. The product shot back in December lead me to post a joke. The real thing won my heart in July.

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