Monday, July 13, 2009

The Tale of the Floral Rip

I was so excited to debut this skirt last week. This is some fabric that I had purchased about a month ago. I loved the silky material and I loved the floral pattern. I wasn't sure what kind of skirt I wanted to make, but after so much success with the skirt I made and wore to dinner last week, I decided to stick with the same 20 minutes skirt pattern I had used in the past. I just love the results. It is becoming routine that I enjoy my Wednesday nights watching Dog the Bounty Hunter and sewing away. While the skirt was a hit in the office for the first part of the day, I soon found myself in need of a wardrobe change:
This is what I wore for the second half of the day. The material started ripping on me, and not on the seem, but instead right next to it. I think it was a combination of the thin material and probably catching it on something without knowing it. I decided to change into some pants before even more damage could be done, and luckily I had this pair in my car. Thursday was the premier of the new Big Brother season, and my Aunt and I were having a bit of a party to celebrate. By party of course I mean kids to bed early, some Mexican for dinner, Popsiclesfor desert and all while I did some laundry. Really it was the best kind of party. Because I knew I would be spending some time on the floor with my cousins ( aged 3 and 2) I had last minute grabbed the jeans to change into and I was so glad I did.

The rip is completely fixable and I'm glad I caught it in time. This will be put into my pile for completion this Wednesday night.

I bought some fabric that is similar in that it is also a bold floral pattern but the colors are a darker shade. I haven't decided just yet if I want to follow the same pattern, or save the fabric and try a different pattern.

These shoes are the twins to my white pair. After having such success with the white pair during my Black and White week, I was ready to wear these too. I haven't worn the yellow one's out yet because my first experience with the white one's was so iffy. I loved the way the yellow of these shoes , though quite bright, wasn't out of place next to the bright skirt. I was surprised to find how subtle the shoes became when put next to the dark denim of my jeans. Sometimes shoes really can make an outfit, and sometimes an outfit can really down-play your shoes.

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eednic said...

i just love the skirt and adore those cute yellow shoes!