Thursday, July 09, 2009

Birthday Suit part 3

I wasn't kidding when I said Johnny's birthday tends to be a full week long event. Especially with the holiday falling the day before a national holiday, all of the events tend to become birthday related. With so much going on last weekend his family decided to hold off and have his birthday dinner this week. Every year the birthday boy, or girl, gets to pick the restaurant we have their birthday at and this year was of course no different. Johnny picked a newer local restaurant that has been getting some great reviews. A friend of ours happens to be a waitress there and when she found out that we were all coming down, she went out of her way to let the whole place know whose birthday it was.
We arrived at our table and were surprised to see table clothes and birthday confetti decorating our spot. She even put out some candles so the whole thing would feel more festive. What she didn't anticipate was that by the end of the meal there would be more confetti on the floor than on the table since we spent most of the meal flinging little pieces at each other. Never over estimate the maturity of 6 grown adults. I didn't have much time between getting home and heading back out to make our reservations, so I decided to keep on the same top and sweater and trade out the brown slip ons and light khaki's for my new skirt and some heels. Technically this skirt is not new, but it was made by me, and I haven't yet had a chance to wear it in public. This seemed like a perfect opportunity. It's colors matched my top already and after adding a few accessories I felt festive enough to go out on the town.

Since the floral pattern of the skirt is both blue and red, I wanted to play up the colors a little bit by adding a red necklace and a blue bracelet. I'm not sure anyone else noticed my attempts to add some more colors, but I knew why those pieces were chosen. I would never typically wear these two items together. The necklace has a dark older looking metal while the bracelet is a classic 'Tiffany style' silver link bracelet. In this picture you can see the difference but in real life, I almost never hold my neck which means the two pieces are rarely next to each other for people to notice. Both of these items cost me $1. The bracelet I bought at a local Dollar Store and the Necklace I scooped up at the Christmas Tree Shop. They may not be expensively made or hard to break, but I have gotten a lot of wear out of these ' cheap' accessories.

I was a little concerned at first with what shoes to pair with my skirt. The blue in the flowers is a darker blue, but I just love these wedges, and knew that the teal blue and the deep blue where both in the same color family, which would make them easy to pull off together. These wedges were a quick unnecessary purchase I made while waiting for a Bachelorette Party to start a few months ago, and since they have enjoyed trips around town at least once a week since their purchase. I love their summer feel and nothing can replace how comfortable they are. I wanted to show off my craftiness with the skirt, but I didn't want to draw attention to it. I didn't want people to look at it and think " She made that", but instead that it worked well as an outfit. I think these shoes helped to hide the skirts true identity.

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