Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend Forgetfulness

I have to admit, I am a little ashamed of myself and my weekend blogging skills. I don't have a home computer, I spend all day each work day on my work computer so I don't see much of a need to have one at home as well. This often means that sometimes I can't post an outfit until a few days after it has been worn, which always frustrates me a little. I figure though that posting an outfit is posting an outfit regardless of when the pictures were taken. The weekends however is when I become a horrible blogger. It seems this month we haven't had a weekend without some sort of event and I have had a horrible time of remembering to take photos of my outfits. During the work week I take my photos after I get home right before I change into my laying around the house outfit, (something I will likely never show on this blog). During the weekends I follow the same thinking, " I will take my outfit pictures as soon as we get home". Of course after a long day of Barbeque's, celebrating birthday's, concerts and lots of family time as soon as I walk in the door I have taken off my jewelery and shoes and am quickly stepping into my pajamas long past ready for bed before I even realize that I didn't get a chance to take any pictures. Does anyone else have a tendency to sometimes forget to snap a few shots? Do you simply put the outfit back on the next day and take the photos? Is it cheating to leave some of the weekend outfits for future blog use, when in the future I remember to take the photos? Is staying in your pajama's all week and keeping your camera shut off for a few days a horrible way to spend your blog vacation?

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eednic said...

yeah i often don't snap photos on weekends. and even if i do, i often feel too pooped out to accomplish the task of blogging. weekends, in general, are my opportunity to do things around the house and/or be lazy. and i feel far more task-oriented or time focused during the week than i do on weekends, which makes it easier to post outfit pics. i guess. ? sorry for my babbling!