Thursday, July 09, 2009

Sleep Dressing

My inspiration for this outfit came from the outfit the day before. Monday I was so grateful that I had worn my dark khaki pants so come Tuesday morning, I was hoping these lighter khaki's would give me the same good vibes. I was right. The day went pretty smoothly and even with so many plans once I leave work, I have been much better at managing my work day's this week, partially thanks to my khaki pants. Since I was such a pink lady the day before, I think my mind naturally gravitated to the blue the following day. A lot of time I simply pull clothes out in the morning, and after taking pictures and posting them do I get to see how my unconscious likes to dress. The dark corners of my mind like interesting combinations and bright colors. The dark corners of my mind are what will make me choose vibrant colors that will help to keep the rest of my brain cheerfully working.
With so much color in my shirt, I decided that I wanted to keep the jewelery simple. This necklace I purchased years ago for a few dollars on sale in a Claire's Boutique. I don't even remember what attracted me to it at first. It is simply a little heart shaped diamond looking jewel, and really it is so small it virtually serves no purpose. I have been able to wear it a lot though. It is perfect for those outfits that don't need anything extra to help them stand out. It adds a little bling to me chest without having to add any pizazz.
These bracelets are the second set from my giveaway. While the first bracelet stands on it's own, these two are meant to be put together. Again I love how the simple colors added such a vintage touch to my outfit. The flat beads helped to ensure I wouldn't have to spend all day readjusting my wrist and shuffling the jewels around. Since I let my khaki pants and my blue shirt do most of the talking for me, I liked how such a small little glimmer could make such an impact on an outfit. Combined with my brown slip ons, the whole outfit felt pulled together and purposeful, even if I put it all together in my sleep.

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