Thursday, July 09, 2009

Pink Lady

The last 2 weeks have been just crazy in my neck of the woods. We are finally in that flow in the middle of the summer where every night of the week is filled with some appointment, activity, event or party. I have not had a night with nothing to do since before the beginning of the month, and I knew that this week would be no different. Even though I did wear this outfit on Monday, I knew that this week I would need to forgo the heels. With so much craziness in store I would need to be light on my feet and ready to move at any moment. I couldn't explain to you why on Monday morning I just started pulling these items out of my closet. It made a lot more sense after thinking about it for awhile that I fell asleep on Sunday night to Grease 2 which there was a marathon of playing all day. With the pink ladies fresh in my mind I naturally grabbed this pink shirt and my favorite dark khaki pants and accessorised from there.

This is one of those great bracelets I won in the giveaway! I just love the rustic brown of the metal and nothing beats elastic because as I've said before, I have such tiny little wrists. I love bracelets but often have a hard time at work since so much of my day is spent with my wrists and forearms rested on the desk. This bracelet worked just perfect though because it sits flat so it doesn't raise up my arm or cause any unwanted marks on my skin.

These shoes are another Kmart purchase. I scooped them up at the same time as my new favorite white shoes, but they just haven't gotten much wear time. I love the floral pattern, but they are sometimes just too easy to wear. I don't have much of a challenge in making them work with most outfits, because they do have so many colors in them. I loved how fast adding patterned shoes my outfit went from plan to interesting. I had made the right decision. Flats were a smart choice. Even if I could wear heels everyday, I think a large amount of my week would be spent in flats. There is just something to be said for not having to think about what you're feet are feeling.

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