Friday, July 31, 2009

Breathing New Life

I am excited to introduce you to my new skirt!! Technically it's isn't new, but it is new to being a skirt. This great item was a pair of pants until just a few days ago. The pants fit great at the hips, but due to a minor dryer incident, the pants shrunk up in length instead of a normal shrinking in. The shrinkage occurred at their first wash, but even still I wasn't able to part with them.
I loved their nautical feel. It buttons on the front of the pants is detailed. Not to mention the fabric is soft and stretchy which adds to their comfort. Even with such great buttons, I have never tucked any shirts into these pants. I'm always afraid that tucking in will create a lovely muffin top that I like most women so desperately avoid. I tucked in my shirt in these photos to help show off the new skirt.

It was a tedious job. It involved a lot of seam ripping, but it went by quickly as I ripped and watched some dramatic reality television. Re-purposing always makes me a little nervous. It is a risk. You never know if you are taking an item you kind of like and helping it become an item you love, or an item you can't ever wear. For that reason, I only re-fashion things that I know I won't miss. Because these pants had lost just enough length to be annoying, they rarely got much wear. It wouldn't be a loss if it didn't work out, and if it did it would be a well loved skirt. I lost a little more length that I would have liked. I had to work with the seam lines given, and the crotch fabric which was not as generous as I had hoped. The project involved a lot of pinning, twirling in front of a mirror and re-pinning. In the end it was a worthwhile project and I just love the outcome.

R.I.P. Old too short for me pants.
WELCOME to my new comfortable navy blue nautical skirt!

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