Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fat fitting Skirt

I was so excited to come out of the house in this outfit yesterday. I think it was partly the bouncy, airy, flow of the skirt, and partly the fun pattern.
I was also so excited that these shoes matched with the skirt so well. These wedges are one of my 5 pair purchase and I was excited to get to wear them. I own these shoes in coral, and they get so much wear. When I saw them in brown and for $7 I knew I just couldn't say no. With the coral pair getting so much wear, the neutral color would get even more wear. Their height is crazy and Johnny calls my coral pair my amazon pair. Sure enough when I was talking with my boss he looks up at me and says, "why are you so tall?" Who came up with this, tall women can't wear high heels rule anyways? Sure I'm over 5'6. In fact I'm 5'6 1/2 but wearing heels still make my legs look great, and they make my feet look not at big. I'm 5'6 1/2, it takes some serious sized feet to hold this height up and I like that the slight arch of a pair of high heels hides my hooves. Besides, they are cute shoes, what more of an explanation do people really need?

This skirt will be the last purchase I've made for the next 60 days. Well technically it was 2 skirts and a dress, but that's the end of that. I scooped this skirt up at the Goodwill for $4. It was a great price and a great fit. It is slightly on the larger size. I mean it fits well in the waist, but it will still fit great on my fat days, and every girl needs a few bottoms like that in their closet. The A line shape is one I just love. Sure it makes my butt look huge, but it doesn't make my thighs look huge, and those are the things I try to hide. I like that the fabric in this style of skirt often starts at the waist and drapes directly down which can help create the look of fabric instead of skin. The illusion is that my waist and bottom are tiny and that there is lots of fabric flowing. No one really needs to know that my butt is what is holding the fabric up. And now on my really fat days this skirt will help to cover up that fact too. All in all a great purchase, and a great way to end a shopping habit. Well to temporarily end it anyways.

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