Wednesday, July 22, 2009

That Dress

This was the dress that I purchased at the same time as the skirt I wore the day before. This dress was $6 at the Goodwill, and it will be one of the last purchases I've made for the next 60 days. I have lots of dresses for special events, and lots of sundresses, but I have very few that would be casual and yet professional enough for the office. This is probably the main reason that I have never worn a dress to work, until yesterday that is. I loved the cut of this dress. I have a hard time with dresses not emphasizing my thighs, or my stomach, but this dress was cut perfectly to hug without drawing attention to.
I loved the idea of the blue shoes with this dress to help give a pop of something unexpected. From there this necklace made logical sense. It has lots of different blues, and not only matched perfectly with the shoes but also helped to add an element of interest to an outfit with no details. As I creeped closer and closer to over-time hours my mind was exhausted and I think my body followed suit. By the end of the day this dress felt too tight and I hate that I felt so connected to my bottom half. Like I couldn't move well enough. My feet started to hurt not from being in heels but they just felt tired from working. It was stress and exhaustion creeping in and it was manifesting itself into a slight hatred for my outfit. When I got home and took the dress off I realized that I didn't feel any free-er than I had moments before when the dress was on. I was letting my emotions change my feelings on the outfit. I have to be careful to not wear my emotions on my sleeve, if you will, quite so often. I wonder if there are items in my closet that I have always avoided because I remember

them being uncomfortable, or too tight, when really it was just my feelings from the day. These heels I scooped up during my raid on Payless. I loved their height and I loved their deep blue color. After purchasing these for $9 I handed my teal Bitten peep toe pair of heels down to my little sister. I loved that pair, and they are in great condition, but I just don't have a need for 2 pairs of teal peep toe heels. She loved them right away, ( she gets her fashion diva side from me) so I know she will get some use out of them. She loves to play with color even more than I do so I'm interested to see what crazy outfits she comes up with.

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Kari said...

I came across your blog from Kendra's blog (From Tomboy to Fashionista) and just have to say that I adore your blog title. Benny and Joon is one of my all time favorites.

Your dress looks great on you (gosh, especially for the price!) and I love the colors in your necklace and shoes with it. Very pretty.