Thursday, July 16, 2009

Birthday Month Continues

We had family dinner this week for Johnny's sister's birthday. I'm not kidding, this family does month's worth of birthday's. Because of the holiday Johnny's always lasts for days, and ever since she was little Lacey's parents have always celebrated Lacey's birthday week. This year of course is no different. So an exact week after family dinner to celebrate Johnny's birthday, we all got together for a fancy dinner for Lacey's birthday.

Just like last week I didn't have much time to change after work so I threw on what I knew would work. This black shirt is a staple in my closet and these pants have been like a friend this week. Comfy and yet chic. With little color I thought that this necklace from Maurices would add a bit of sparkle. I picked it up about 2 months ago for $6. Lacey is a bit of a rock star in her own right so I knew she would appreciate it.

The shoes I just had to wear for this occasion. I grabbed these shoes from Charlotte Russe right after Christmas for $4. They were on clearance and despite being sky high in real life I just loved them. Lacey and I were out enjoying some Christmas money shopping. She was purchasing a few items so when she realized that I only have the $4 shoes she took them out of my hands an insited on buying them for me. I have Lacey to thank for my red and black Rock Star heels and so I thought her birthday was the perfect occasion to bring them out again. These are great bar heels since they are platformed in the front. Suddenly 5 inch heels only feel like 2 making standing for long hours. Thanks Lacey and Happy Birthday!!

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