Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Buttoned Sweater

So getting dressed today for work, I didn't feel like getting to dressy since I'm feeling stuffy. I decided to wear a t-shirt but I added black pants, a cardigan and some pearls to dress up the t-shirt. I figured I could feel comfy without having to look not dressed up enough. I decided to wear my T-Shirt we got at the Santana concert since it's red with a neat black print of two angels. I figured the print would add some pizazz so again my comfy cotton tee wouldn't look too laid back. My job is pretty casual so I was a little shocked with my boss when he asked if I knew we had visitor's coming today, and that I apparently wasn't too concerned with getting dressed. I was a little taken a back, he has never commented on my clothes, I didn't know there was a meeting here today, and usually these guys are in t-shirts shorts and their docs so I wasn't sure why my wearing a t-shirt was so risque. I just figured he was pulling my leg and informed him that I added the white cardigan and pearls to specifically dress the outfit up, but that I could button my sweater if he didn't like my tee shirt. He kind of rolled his eyes and laughed that my sweater was fine opened.

I needed to wash my hands, sometime in the middle of the day after coughing all over my desk, so I parted the seas of about 5 or 6 of our various sales guys, bosses, and some guests to head to the bathroom. As I was humming to myself and getting all of the soap off I looked up into the mirror to discover that my tee shirt has tits!!
Tits people tits!! Well more specifically the angels on my t-shirt have big pointy boobs!! I can't believe I never noticed. I have worn this shirt so many times, and in almost the year I have had it I have never never never noticed that the angels are naked! I just always loved that the angels were playing trumpets, they are long and elegant looking and somehow the female in me just never noticed. I am so embarrassed.

So I try to button my cardigan, but obviously I now have 2 button in the middle of my chest that are closed, and the rest are open. Now I know why Ross laughed at me. Pearls and a cardigan doesn't ex actually dress up naked pointy boobs.I look like even more of an idiot but at least I'm not as much of a perverted idiot any more.

I am so blonde. I am so stupid. And I am completely embarrassed.

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