Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monday Heels

Getting dressed was made simpler on Monday because I had a color pallet to work with. A friend of mine is a Probation Officer for our county, and in attempt to help minimize our immense debt, the County Legislators have decided to break union contract and not allow county workers to work on Friday's. For the county secretaries this is rough, for our county probation officers this is impossible. Not only was the news announced to the media before the workers themselves, but now all of the criminals in town will receive 3 day weekends with no-one to keep an eye on them, a fact they are all very well aware of. When she asked if I would come support her union in a rally during the legislative meeting I was all about it. I myself am all for helping to dig ourselves out of this recession, but I don't think it needs to be done at the safety of the citizens. Her union's colors are yellow and blue so I threw this together for the first part of my day.
The button was an accessory that was added later. Many of the ' silent protesters' were wearing shirts and hats but this button matched so well with my shirt choice I knew I would be able to blend in to the large crowd that packed the legislative hall.

Since it was a heels Monday, and I missed last week, I had a hard time narrowing down my choices this week. Yellow and Blue are such bold colors and I wasn't sure what would be my best option. That is until I remembered that these Jessica Simpson beauties haven't been worn in quite some time. I got these off of EBay last winter and I just love them. The slingback gives the shoes a bit of sex appeal and the stiletto is surprisingly comfortable. I brought along my sneakers and upon pulling into the parking lot my Jessica Simpson shoes got moved to the floor of my passenger seat and the sneakers went on. We didn't have much walking to do, but it was enough to make me glad I brought the sneakers along.

Of course the news crews showed up. The legislative hall was packed and for about an hour prior to the start of the meeting rows and rows of county workers gathered outside the building to chant their concerns.
It was a lot of your basic back and forth. " No Service Cuts", but my favorite chant was when the ring leader would call, " Union Busting", and the crowd would reply. " Is Disgusting". I always love a chance to use the word disgusting, and to shout it loud and proud? Fantastic Idea.

In the end no resolution was made. These sorts of things always take tons of meetings and my friend estimates that it will be at least 4 more meetings of the legislators, and by meeting 3 all of the 175 probation officers from our County will be present. Instead of being 3 deep the court house will be 7 and that when things start to get very uncomfortable for the legislators and they tend to conceded and make decisions really fast. I of course have my pin ready so I can join in support at a moment's notice. I've heard a lot of bloggers talking about fashion during a recession. What's important I find is not just dressing cheaply and smart during economic difficulty, but to also dress in exercise of your rights as citizen. What you wear can be a powerful way to get your point across and make some changes. Besides, union busting really is pretty disgusting.

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