Monday, July 06, 2009

Black and White: Day 3

Being a holiday week, I ended up only working 3 full days so the third day was the conclusion of my Micheal Jackson tribute week. I decided for my last hurrah to go off the deep end a little bit with the black and white, which seemed strangely appropriate. Because it was a shorter week I needed the comfort of jeans to help me keep up with the run around. Originally I had planned on wearing just the leopard print and lace tank top with a black sweater over top, but last minute thought with the threat of rain, an extra layer would be nice, so out came a little worn black V neck shirt. I liked that it down played the red without hiding the detailing.
This sweater I have a love hate relationship with. I am forever trying to decide just what my opinion on it is. I bought it at Target last fall for $5. I love that it's short sleeve, and that it is made of such a light material. It offers that little extra coverage that can stop a breeze brought on by an air conditioner in a restaurant and can easily be rolled up into a ball and thrown into the bottom of my purse. The actual style of the sweater though is what I'm not sure of. It has a great fitted back and than the front comes with extra panels that hang down making the front fall much lower than the back. I like being able to stretch the extra fabric to cover my front when I'm really cold, but I'm still so unsure of how it really looks.

These shoes were a great find for $20 at Kmart this spring, right around the time of the company ban on High Heels. I loved their color, the detailing and most importantly that they are a thicker leather which will help these work in all types of weather. I have worn them only once since their purchase however. When Johnny participated in the " Walk in her Shoes" walk against domestic violence a number of months ago, I unknowingly wore these shoes, having at the time no idea that I would also be walking along side him. After a mile of mostly uphill walking, occasional running to video tape the event and tons of standing around my feet were covered in blisters. I had 8 blisters that grew so big just hours after I took these shoes off I had to wear flip flops for 2 days. The whole thing was rather gross, and it has made me nervous to wear these shoes ever since. I pulled them out for one more attempt and was so happy with what I found! These shoes were so comfortable and perfect for my daily wear. Of course the next walk we attend, I will be enjoying some sneakers but these baby's have proven their worth and you should be seeing them quite a bit more in my day to day wear.

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