Thursday, July 02, 2009

Black and White Day 2

I was so excited when I realized that this skirt would be just perfect for my black and white challenge. I picked it up at the Goodwill in town about 3 weeks ago and just haven't found an excuse to wear it yet. It's $2 price tag made it an easy purchase and it fit, but I'm always a little nervous about wearing skirts that fall above my knees in a professional environment. It's a battle I have a lot with myself. I have long legs, and that also means I have long thighs. This means that skirts that on the average person would fall at their knee or just below always fall about an inch or 2 above mine. The rule in high school that if you put you're arms at your side, your fingertips had to point at the tip of your skirt, or above, but your skirt could never be higher. I practiced this method at home and found the skirt still fell about 4 inches below my finger tips, even with my gorilla arms. So I put on my hot pink shoes and danced out of the house.
These shoes would have been perfect for my 30 challenge too. They just haven't seen much action in the last 9 months. I actually own two pairs of these shoes, the hot pink and the white. One of the two pairs always hurts my feet and since I can never remember which pair I like, and which I don't I just don't wear either. I loved the pink with the black and white, much like the day before, but by hour 3 was saddened to find that these are the painful shoes. They are still so cute though. Since I did more sitting than walking my feet weren't too battered by the end of the day, and again they are so cute. To keep or to donate. That is the question.

Are their items in your wardrobe that despite their faults you just can't see yourself parting with? Things you are too in love with to give away in hopes that one day they will magically fit, they won't hurt or they will be as perfect on as they look??

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Mary said...

LOVE this great skirt! What a find! Looks super cute with the pink flats, too.