Monday, July 06, 2009

Birthday Suit

Johnny's birthday was July 3rd, which always turns our holiday weekend into an extended birthday celebration. The day before his birthday, we got some tickets to a Yankee Game and headed down to the city for the evening. Dressing for a baseball game, especially a Yankee Game is easy. You simply put on your blue and white, throw on some sneakers and head into the new beautiful stadium. A little rain put the beginning of the game on pause, and Johnny bought me a hat to keep the rain out of my face. In general I don't like hats on me. I have a smaller head than most adults so hats always fit me so odd. This hat I don't mind because it has the Velcro in the back which allows me to make it smaller. Johnny, of course, loves hats on me, and he loves the Yankee's so he was more than happy to buy me my new rain gear. I think it will serve me well for early morning trips to the grocery store, and for our weekends at camp. And it will definitely come with for our next major league baseball game.
This man of course, had no problem figuring out what to wear. Apparently he knew it was Johnny's birthday, and thought he should wear his birthday suit in celebration. Thank you strange man 4 rows ahead of us, thank you.

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