Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Black and White Day 1

I know the idea behind this outfit was inspired by the late Micheal Jackson and his great hit, " Black and White" but really this outfit was all about the shoes. I have worn them a few times, but their bright color will only work for a few more weeks and so I'm trying to get as much wear out of them as possible. I loved they way the brightened up an otherwise basic outfit.
This skirt is a favorite of mine. I love the second peaking layer underneath and I love how flowy it is. Hanging in the closet I am always a little afraid it's a bit hippie, but as soon as I put it on I start twirling and I am again in love with my wonderful white skirt.

This necklace is a favorite too. Another Lia Sophia, which I'm sure sup rises no one by this point. They have good stuff, and I love how subtle the colors are in this necklace. The length helps me play with it a bit, and while I always double wrap it around my neck, I love how long it can be. It's color's are a perfect match for playing up my shoes, and drawing attention to the shoes is something I am always a fan of. MJ would have wanted the little touch of bling anyways.

This beautiful wedges were a Payless find. Hard to walk in at first, but after the first few wears around the house I am practically a professional at their height. I love the little extra height with the comfort of the wedge. And I just love how they play against the black and white. Micheal always experimented with at least one crazy piece in every outift, and for this outfit these shoes are mine.

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JGeb said...

I love the classic black and white with the bright shoes!