Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Statement Tees

In exploring my wardrobe last week with my 30 day Challenge, I discovered that there are a few fashion statements, that I jumped on board with, but have been a bit too timid to exercise. Statement Tees are just that. A few years ago, bold t-shirts were all the rage, and I jumped right in with both feet when I bought this shirt, " Drop Beats Not Bombs". I loved the hot pink, but I have only actually worn it once or twice, as I am completely unsure of just how to best display these items.

I thought I would hold a little experiment to see just how best to wear this shirt. My first thought was to dress it up with a denim skirt. Johnny hates this skirt and every time a take a picture of it I learn why.
It's an odd color next to the black, and it's not the right length for this shirt. Maybe I'll dress it up with an A line skirt.

There is just no way to pull this look off. The floral pattern in better suited for church or work, and much less for a trivia night with some friends. The length only emphasizes my longer torso with this shirt and the combination is just the worst. So a shorter skirt with less pattern?

Much better, but still not the best. I would definitely try this look if we were going to an outdoor restaurant for dinner. Somewhere were I could dress it up with accessories and a cardigan and really make it funky. For my purposes and the weather, I think it is best that when you wear a statement tee, the attention is on the t-shirt itself and not on your legs.

Which is how I ended up with the final look. I decided that I just wasn't going to be able to make a shirt work, since with such a bold t-shirt I didn't want people to get distracted by my exposed skin, or accessories which is why I left all necklaces and earrings at home. I couldn't help to pull out my perfectly matching bracelet though. I don't get many chances to be so matchy matchy and I couldn't let this one pass. I think the jeans really helped to almost emphasize the shirt letting the neon lettering do all of the talking.
I got 4 or 5 compliments on this shirt, and that's the point of wearing a statement shirt. TO be able to say a whole lot, without having to say a thing.

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