Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Suprise Photo Session

Our Marketing Director at work handed me this photo yesterday. He took it surprisingly when I had no idea. Well I had a bit of an idea. We had to take a bunch of publicity shots, but the idea was we were all to sit in front of a blue screen, in our black jackets and smile. The photos will be used for our press releases and for business news. Our director also enjoys a hobby of taking photos so while I thought he was taking pictures of my cheesy smile for directories, he was secretly snapping some shots of just me. He handed me a Manila folder yesterday with this photo inside. I had no idea it was coming and I must admit I am awfully proud of it. It's a great shot, and I always love silent compliments. My favorite compliments are when they come to things you can't change. Thank you for commenting on my hair, but I spent 15 minutes curling it this morning. Thank you for noticing my new shoes, someone else made them and I bought them. Oh, you noticed my eyes? Thank you so much. God made them, with a little help from my parents and I can't ever change them. Thank you for noticing natures beauty in me. Thank you artistic marketing director.

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Clare said...

Beautiful photo!