Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Monday Heels

In sticking with trying to incorporate more patterns into my daily wear, this new top seemed like the right choice. I picked it up at a local Maurice's over the weekend for $11 and I just love the feel. It is a loose fitting silky material, that may not flatter my figures, but definitely increases my curves. I was excited to show off my new top, but since it was Monday it was even more exciting that I got to pair it with my red suede heels. These are a pair of $2 shoes I scooped up from the goodwill. I had a picture of them, but in uploading my computer scrambled the image and I'm sorry to say the photo was lost. The only image I have is the blurry one above.

The biggest reason for the heel ban at my job is safety. I work for a manufacturing company so while most of my time is spent in office, when I do venture into the plant it is important for me to be closer to the ground, largely because the floors are often wet but also because there are so many machines around. I have learned to embrace the dress code but secretly love walking a little taller on Mondays. This Monday, however, I had to spend some time in our warehouse gathering product for a sample. All of our rooms are kept at low temperatures, 35 degrees to be exact. I can't speak for anyone else but my feet in either hot or cold weather do one of two things, they swell or the shrink depending on the situation. In this case, my 45 minutes in the cold building meant my feet started swelling making it almost impossible to walk in my shoes. So much for safety. Of course I didn't say anything to my co-workers and did my best to walk like I didn't feel a steak knife being driven into my cold toes with every step. To let them know they were right, would be taking away my precious Mondays. Anything but my special heel Mondays.

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