Thursday, June 04, 2009

Pattern Mixing

For a different approach to patterns I decided I wanted to play with subtley. My leopard tank top came to me through a friend who was donating a ton of her clothes. She let me go through them and I managed to grab this fun tank in two colors, this red and in a gray. I can't help but to explore my sudden love of all things zebra prints. I thought that allowing the pattern to sneak through from under a plain shirt would be a great way to introduce some light patterns.
This necklace was the second half of my BOGO jewlery from Maurices. I had almost bought a necklace almost identical to it last summer during my Lia Sophia craze, and have always regretted not getting it. When I saw it in the store I just had to scoop it up. The beads on top of the strands on the bottom is just a silloette I adore. I'm not sure how often I'll be able to wear it, but I'm excited to find new things to pair it with.

My exciting pattern for the day came with these pants. The blue stripping is very descrete and from a far hardly noticeable. I loved that about these pants. I was afraid that the blue would look out of place and have always paired these trousers with blue items, but feeling so daring in so many patterns, I thought it deserved a try. The tank has a lacey bottom that helped to add a third pattern to the mix.
When I do bring out patterned pieces, I almost always wear them individually so pairing 3 different looks along with a statement necklace was very out of the box for me. I loved the look of the outfit and I loved how sassy I felt. Animal Print always makes me feel fiesty and statement jewelery always makes me feel sexy so the combination of the two made for a spicy work day.

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