Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lap Garden

As I continue my week of adding more patterns to my daily wear, I couldn't help but to pull out this skirt. I fell in love with this skirt a few years ago. When it is hanging in my closet it intimidates me. I'm afraid it is a little too middle school and that the bold border will shrink my legs. Every time I wear it I scold myself for not wearing it more often. I walk with a little bit of a swagger to let it flow around my knees. It hits me at a comfortable length which instead of cutting off my legs, gives a bit of an interesting story. I can't help but to let me internal 5 year old girl day dream in this skirt. I imagine myself sitting in a secret garden surrounded in flowers growing all around my lap. I think this is probably why I am so timid around the skirt when I'm not wearing it. I know that it will make me feel young, and I secretly love it.
The yellow shirt seemed like an easy option to help tone down the outfit a bit. Some people, bloggers especially are so good at pattern mixing, but so many of my patterns are so bold that I like letting them speak for themselves. That's the same way I feel about this necklace. It's actually a scrabble piece that I bought off of Etsy around Christmas. I bought 2 scrabble piece necklaces for each of my sisters, my mother and I. I love the whimsy of the piece, and I love the creativity behind it.

Like my skirt, this necklace doesn't get worn too often, and almost always again a bold background to really help the charm pop. Between the tree on my chest and the garden on my legs I spent the rainy day dreaming of all of the beautiful things that the rain will bring. Of course my adult mind knows I'm dreaming. In reality so much rain has probably flooded my flowers. The hail has dented most of my new furniture, patio furniture which I won't be enjoying for the next few days. But hey, even the biggest of girls has to day dream sometimes.

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NothingToWear said...

I love the yellow with this skirt. Good choice