Friday, June 19, 2009

20 Minute Skirt

I've been feeling pretty creative lately but haven't found a good way to channel the energy. A few weeks ago I borrowed my mom's sewing machine in hopes of feeling moved to start creating some pretty awesome items. So far, nothing. I actually started a skirt that was turning out great, but I soon realized that I hadn't accounted for my larger rear, and there was just no way the skirt would fit in the end. So my sister will soon be the proud owner of a fancy skirt. For me though, I let myself sink into a rut and let the sewing machine collect dust in the corner. That is until the other day, when I ventured onto GrosGrain's website and was completely re-inspired.

( ) She is a stay at home mom with a ton of creativity. She is always sewing items for her girls, and offering them as giveaways on her blog. Just the other day she included a tutorial for how to construct a quick 20 minute skirt. I headed right home and opened up my box of fabric.
This project took about 25 minutes ( I was watching reality television and was a little distracted) and cost less than 5 dollars. Iused less than a yard of fabric, a band of elastic and that's it! It involved 2 stiches, one across the skirt and one down the skirt. So easy. If anyone is looking for a little crafty pick-me-up, I would tell you to head over to her blog. Her creativity is enough to get anybody sewing!!

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