Monday, June 29, 2009

30 Day Challenge: Day 5

I was so excited to get dressed on Friday. I just love this shirt, and my reason for it not being worn in the last 30 days has nothing to do with it's fit, or it's material, or that I forgot about it. It's is simply because I have too busy enjoying my same ol' same basic pieces and just keep skipping over this one. I haven't forgotten about it by any means. The story behind this shirt is one of my favorite's. Last year before Christmas I realized that I just didn't have any festive clothes to wear for our multiple family parties. I decided to stop at Old Navy and got myself this shirt in the deep purple you see above and in green, both perfect for the holiday's. Christmas morning as I'm opening all of my gifts, imagine my surprise when I find that my mom had bought me the exact same purple shirt!! We laughed about it for awhile when she realized that I had the same shirt in my overnight bag. Great minds do think alike.

Imagine even more of my surprise when I walked into the office to find that my new co-worker, and the only other female was wearing a deep purple shirt, black shirt with a polka-dotted tank top peaking out underneath! Slightly different, but the difference were so slight that everyone made note of it all day! We couldn't have planned it better if we had tried.

After finding my purple shirt's twin wrapped in snowman paper, I used the receipt from my purchase to exchange the match for these shoes. I loved the deep green, a color I don't wear much of and I think I was still in the holiday spirit. Since than, I have only really worn them once or twice. Even still, I love them and I love the color contrast they brought.

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