Tuesday, June 30, 2009

30 Day Challenge wrap-up

I have to admit, the 30 day challenge I enjoyed as much difficulty as I had with it. At first I thought it would be a good excuse to get some recently un-loved clothes out and off the hanger, but I soon discovered that for a lot of those items of clothing, there was a reason they hadn't been worn in so long. Some of the items I had simply forgotten about, some of them just didn't fit as well as I would have hoped, and some of the items made me push the ' fashion envelope' in ways that I wasn't necessarily comfortable with. Over-all, I think that if I learned one good life long tip, it is to go through you're closet often, and trust you're gut. Every 6 months or so I do a full over haul of my clothes. If there is an item I haven't worn in awhile I donate it. Next time though, I think it may be important to not just shift through the various items for things that I haven't seen in awhile, but to try on any item I haven't worn in over a month. Maybe the reason I haven't worn it is because I didn't like the way it looked, and I had since forgotten. Maybe my instinct is trying to tell me something important, and maybe in taking the extra time to try things on again I may just re-discover some items I didn't know I missed so much. Fashion is a little like a garden in that sense. Sometimes your closet need upkeep too.

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