Thursday, June 25, 2009

30 Day Challenge: Day 3

I was excited for the chance to wear this necklace today. This necklace has not been worn in the last 30 days. In fact it has never been worn. I couldn't resist buying it last summer as soon as I saw it in the Lia Sophia catalog. I loved the light blues and the browns and so I ordered it sight unseen. Ever since receiving it though, I have had an almost impossible time of wearing it. I can just never find the perfect outfit to pair it with.
I decided to utilize the color's in the outfit when getting dressed, but I think this look is a little too literal. I layered two shirts that have also spent over the last 30 days in hiding. I love both the blue and the brown of these shirts, but they are both loose from being worn just too much last year. For that reason, I don't take them out much. I have almost forgotten that I own them. And every time I wear them I notice how uncomfortable a not well fitting shirt is. I really should donate them and invest some money replacing them both. I think by pairing the necklace with a exact matching shirt, instead of emphasizing the neat wood and Jewel details, they are hidden by the colors of the shirt.
Originally it was the wood pieces combined with the light blue jewels and the turquoise beads that made me fall in love the the necklace. It's length is a little odd and I have had the hardest time finding things to wear it with. It looks so pretty hanging on my wall, but around my neck it never seems to look right. Now that I know I will need to pair it with contrasting colors I am excited to find another chance to wear this necklace again.

These shoes of course are not new. In fact they have gotten a lot of wear. The last 30 days they have not become as much a part of my daily wardrobe, but I knew the light brown would help to add to the brown of the shirt. These shoes I bought for $20 at Kmart around the time my company announced I would be allowed to only wear flats and they have gotten me so much use. I am still afraid that they are too ' soccer mom' at times, but they work well for work and I leave them at home for most other occasions.
I think the biggest thing I learned during the 30 Day Challenge with today's outfit, is that you shouldn't let things scare you. If my necklace doesn't really work with my outfit, I will not loose my job, my relationship or my friends. Sometimes you just have to make fashion mistakes before you can ever be smart enough to prevent them.

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