Wednesday, June 24, 2009

30 Day Challenge: Day 2

I knew right away when I started this challenge, that this shirt had to be one of the options. In fact I wore this shirt almost 30 days ago exactly. Sure, this shirt is cutting it a little close to the month mark,and I have plenty of other shirts I could have worn, but I thought this was an appropriate choice. Almost 30 days ago marks the beginning of my job transition. I wore this shirt on one of the first days at my new position, and wrote a post about how wearing this polo made me feel a bit more professional. Normally though I do not wear polo's outside of the golf course.
This pants also made an obvious choice. These pants, while I have had them for awhile, do not usually make it into many wardrobe options. When I bought them they were a great trouser option, and I just loved the dark blue, but now I am sad to say on wash number one they shrunk just enough in the length to be almost offensive. This is a situation that I some across all too often. My pants shrink none in size, and instead in length. Barefoot the pants just rest above the floor, but as soon as I put shoes on, even flat shoes they seem to rise up just enough to be annoying. I wear these only ever so often after I convince myself that they aren't so short, and than spend all day feeling them brushing around my ankles. I think yesterday marked my last day with these pants. I will spend some time deciding between making them shorts or a skirt, and than they will become a re-fashioned item in my closet.
I love this shirt, but I just don't find a lot of occasions to wear it. Yesterday though, I reflected back on the last time I wore it. I wore it on one of the first day of my new position and felt
like I was in power all day. The shirt told the world that I was ready to work and was professional. Really I was unsure of just what I was in for, but the shirt gave me confidence. Yesterday, this shirt became just another shirt. I think I didn't need the confidence since I have adjusted so much in the last 30 days. In the end I've learned that confidence in yourself won't come from your clothes, but from the person wearing the clothes. Even still, looking great can make you feel great, and that boosts confidence. I hope to be able to wear this shirt more now that Summer has arrived. One thing I have learned in the last 2 days already is that items that spend more time hanging than wearing, tend to feel a little stiff and smell just a little un-loved. Maybe every so often, some of my clothes would benefit from spending a little time in a room outside of the closet. Maybe even to hang some of them on the clothes line outside, not to dry them out this time, but instead to breath a little fresh air into them. Do you have any tips you use to keep your clothes always smelling and feeling fresh from the dryer??

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Anonymous said...

I love the idea behind your challenge. I'm trying to do the same thing with my blog, so hopefully I can get rid of anything that doesn't make me look & feel great.