Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Swine Flu

I had two doctor's appointments last Monday. My early morning was some blood work at my Endocrinologists followed by a completely unrelated appointment with my primary to listen to this chronic cough I have had for a few weeks now. The cough isn't rough, and it doesn't come often but for a bit each morning, and every night I have this rough inability to breathe. I thought it deemed an appointment. When I walked into the Endocrinologists bright and early, I was greeted by a sign, " Due to recent flu activity if you are suffering from any cough we will need you to wear a face mask". Which is how I ended up with this...

For my entire appointment I had to keep this on. Even though my cough came around before the swine flu broke out, and despite the fact that at 7 am I was the only patient in the place! As I was leaving the office, some ladies who were entering gasped and separated fast all while staring at my face. " My goodness!" The only lady exclaimed. I was embarrassed! Imagine if I was really sick! I explained to them that I had to wear it because of my cough and it had nothing to do with the swine flu. I was completely not contagious. Even so, the ladies sat on the other side of the waiting room and looked as if my fingers were turning green and falling off. Long story short, after a trip to my primary, they gave me the verdict. Allergies are causing my early morning coughs. All of that for some allergies. Geesh.

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