Thursday, May 14, 2009

Colonel Mustard

When I heard that there was a Clue theme running ramped through the blog world, I couldn't help but jump on board, and fast! Clue is my all time favorite movie. It was a favorite of my mothers and I remember spending rainy afternoon giggling at the cast, imagining myself dressed in the perfect Mrs. White Veil and an exaggerated feather much like Mrs. Peacock. I enjoy all 3 of the endings each time like it is my first time watching the move. Even as an adult, I spend each week contemplating the possibility of spending my weekend watching the movie, but have found that I am too much of a scaredy cat to enjoy the movie alone at night.

For my first character I wanted to embody Colonel Mustard. Because the first day of my theme week fell on a Monday, I knew it was my only chance to wear heels. These Steve Madden's are a favorite pair of mine. The lovely Johnny gifted them to me our first Christmas and I spend each week restraining myself from wearing them every day. For a Colonel outfit however? Perfect. Last week was not only my Clue week, but also the week my computer blew up, and my finals week, which is why my post is a bit behind. I packed some flat shoes to wear after leaving work so I would be concentrating on my last minutes studies and not on any blisters.

The vest is an old favorite of mine too. When I bought it about 4 years ago, the two girlfriends I was with both looked at me and said in perfect unison, " Really?" I got the point,vests weren't really in and what would I wear it with? Even still I couldn't pass up the $5 deal and 4 years later find so many occasions to pull out this piece. A Colonel seemed like the perfect chance. In the movie, the character wears suspenders and while I couldn't commit to such an accessory choice, I decided the vest was a nice alternative.

When my sister joined the Marines, her recruit asked me when I would be enlisting. My answer was simple, " Would I be able to shoot guns in heels?" He laughed, and with that he had his answer. These shoes give me the best of both worlds. If the Marines would allow me to wear these perfect booties with my camouflage, I would gladely enlist. Okay, well maybe the footwear isn't the only reason I wouldn't join.... Thanks Sister for filling the family quota :)


Passion4Fashion said...

Don't hold back. Wear those rockin shoes DAILY!

Jill Decker said...

hey, I'm your blog swap partner from Stacey Sargent's blog. :) Cute blog!!