Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wedding Extravaganza!

The last few weeks have been full of wedding activities for Johnny and I.

Two weeks ago our friends got married. It was a gorgeous day, a beautiful ceremony and such a fun wedding! I had bought a few different dresses for this wedding season since I have so many different weddings, most with the same group of friends. Because the wedding was on a Friday evening, I decided that my new brown and pink satin dress would be perfect. I added the pink cardigan last minute since it was starting to look like rain. The dress moved so beautifully on the floor as I danced, and was extremely comfortable, that is until the champagne kicked in and I got to some serious dancing. Strapless dresses just aren't made for jumping up and down so I made do with one hand on my chest holding on for dear life, and one hand in the air.

One of our best couple friends is getting married in a month. Because much of their family is from out of town they decided to have the bachelorette party on a Friday, the shower on the Saturday and the bachelor party on that saturday night. That made for a very busy weekend for Johnny and I. The bachelorette party was so much fun! The bride is not much of a drinker, or a part-ier. Honestly our scene is more of a campfire and some jokes, maybe a few beers, but for the special occasion the 11 girls headed to a local martini bar.

We spent the night having girl talk across the table and laughing about how alike each of our respective men were, even if they've never met.

I happened to have two showers on Saturday morning. My cousin's soon to be wife's shower was held from 9-12 and our friend's was 1-4. I needed to wear a dress that would be appropriate for both showers and would help get me through the day. This was a $20 find at a local Burlington Coat Factory. The material is stretchy helping to make it comfortable, and with a simple black cardigan I was able to get the outfit to work for both events. Our friends are having a small wedding with just one bridesmaid and one groomsmen, so we all volunteered to help out. I love planning parties so I had no problem making centerpieces, moving gifts and helping to host the day.

Saturday night was one of my best friend's birthday. I was secretly hoping she would cancel last minute, because I was so exhausted by the time her party came. Two long days in heels meant that come Saturday night, I couldn't even get my feet in heels. Some black sandals made for a comfortable evening, and a great summer dress with that same cardigan helped to keep me warm and it continued to get later and later. I ended up having a lot more fun than I had expected. My quick hour nap between showers and parties helped, but the flat sandals really helped. It was a great weekend full of girly fun.

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