Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Monday Heels

I was feeling a little spicy when I got dressed on Monday. After a long weekend in heels and running around, I spent all Sunday in sneakers and cleaning. Come Monday I was ready for my weekly heels! These blue wedges fell into my lap, (or onto my feet if you will) on Friday before the bachelorette party. I had some time to kill before our reservations and wandered into a nearby Payless. I was looking for some new flip flops to replace last years faded ones, and found these beautiful shoes on sale! I slipped them on and was amazed at how comfortable they were. They felt as if they weren't meant for walking, and saw I paid the $15 and wore them to the party!

Come Monday I was ready to pull them out again for their second wear, the first to work. I was comfortable all night at the martini bar but wasn't sure how they would work for the constant up and down that work can bring. They did well by me and I almost forgot I was in heels! Besides the shoes, I had no idea what I wanted to wear, so I pulled out my May Inspiration calendar, ( thank you Kim!)( and saw that Monday was a black and white, Chanel inspired day. Black and White worked perfectly with my shoes and helped me to find some inspiration while getting dressed. The skirt is a sear-sucker looking pattern with little black stripes running up and down the length. I've worn it so many times and it continues to work so well. Last season it hardly ever saw the light of day, but this year it comes out almost bi-weekly. Don't you just love how season to season different pieces can go from being an optional item to a necessity?!


Anonymous said...

Love those wedges!! Also, glad the calendar helped inspire you!

chic said...

I adore those shoes! I saw them in Payless, too, but I am trying to take a little break from buying high wedges, even if they are in such a fun color. You look fantastic in them! - e.