Monday, May 18, 2009

Professor Plum

Professor Plus caught my eye for my next day of themed wear. Purple is a color that has begun taking over my closet so it was an easy choice for which character I wanted to embody. In the spirit of teachers everywhere, I decided that I wanted to make a plan suit a little funky. A little crop black jacket and my black pants became a professor appropriate suit, while the purple shirt and shoes helped to compliment each other and my inspiration. It seemed like the perfect chance for my new glasses to make their way into a picture.

These shoes joined my closet a year ago, and have gotten a ton of wear. The little bows sewn right in the fabric add a sweet detail which I think helps to make the bright color a little less harsh.

One of my favorite things about the board game character was his monocle. My sisters And I used to use the plastic rim around soda bottles, squish our eyes around the pointy circles and call ourselves intellectuals. Since my co-workers would think it a bit odd when I arrived to work with plastic circles in my eyes, I thought that my circle brooch may be a good replacement. The brooch is a series of shiny small circles that are piled on each other giving it a bit of design. Years ago when I was working retail, the company I worked for started putting pins, brooches and clips, on all of their sweaters. That of course meant that we would spend half of our shifts collecting them from the floor and looking for their rightful sweater. More often then not we could never find an empty sweater and the brooches would be left in our junk drawer. A number of months later, we split them up and each took a few home. I have never found much use for my small collection, except for using them as hair pieces, but as they seem to be making their way back into style, I want to try to find more uses for them.

After a long day at work full of meetings, appointments, and errands after work, the picture didn't get taken until later in the evening, which clearly helped none for the lighting of the photo. A tripod and a blank wall are in order for me.

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Clare said...

You look darling! I love the way that the circles in the brooch mirror the shape of a monocle. You're so clever! I need to get in on this Clue challenge business, as I'm in dire need of inspiration. Well done!