Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lazy Saturday with my SJP heels

For our lazy Saturday I wanted to be comfy, and I always want to be chic. Ever since gaining a better understanding of color schemes thanks to academichic.com months ago, I find myself using those practices every day, not just on day's I get dressed for work. Johnny and I had some errands to do which included lunch and shopping so I knew jeans were a must, plus my favorite boat shoes and I worked up from there.
It was a friends' birthday that night, as well as being a CD release party for another friend. I headed to the bar for the CD release party which started a little earlier before crossing the street to a different bar for my friends' birthday celebration. I haven't had a chance to wear these shoes outside of my living room just yet and was excited for the chance. I got these shoes from Kmart a few months ago. They are almost identical to the heels that Carrie wears in the Sex and the City movie, and besides that I loved how they instantly added some flare to a girly floral outfit. I don't have any floral outfits just yet, but I loved the shoes enough to cuff the jeans throw on a simple top and call it a party!

Because it was my shoes first trip out of the house, they made plastic noises with every step I took which was horribly annoying. Luckily, with the CD release the band's music was louder than my shoes, and by the time I got to the birthday celebration everyone in the bar was too drunk to notice. I hope that with a little more wear the shoes will stop smelling and sounding so new, and cheap for that matter. I suppose this calls for a little vacuuming in heels...

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