Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Put yourself in her shoes

Because Johnny works for a local radio station, we often have weekend events to attend. A few weeks ago he mentioned that he would need to do some video taping and picture taking for a local event going on to speak out again sexual violence against women. I agreed to go and had no idea what I was getting myself in to! He wasn't too familiar with the event himself so imagine our suprise when we pulled into the parking lot to see hundreds of big burly men wearing high heels! The event is sponsored by a local non profit group and thousands of shoes are donated each year from local shoe shops for the men to wear. The men pay a registration fee which includes a donation, and the cost of renting the high heels and a t-shirt to wear. After a few speeches and some publicity shots, the men are off! Well off for a mile walk around the city that is. Johnny had planned on being there to take pictures, until the radio dj who was also walking informed him otherwise. I volunteered to be in charge of photos, partly because I love taking pictures but mostly because I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see Johnny in some patent shoes. There were white go-go boots, and dainty champagne slip-ons, there were hot pink pumps and red mary-janes gallor. The scene was humorous, and the cause was important. As the men walked up and down the city sidewalks cars were honking and people were asking what they were walking for. I couldn't help but wonder how many passer-byers who didn't ask thought that the men were walking for gay rights. It wouldn't be a far assumption, it was about 250 men walking in high heels! Around the last few yards a lot of the men started to limp a bit, something my stiletto wearing behind found quite entertaining. It was a great cause and it made for some wonderful pictures! What a great thing to raise awareness for. Awareness of women's abuse, and of just what it takes to walk a mile in a women's shoes.

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