Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sunny Day Jewlery

Some exciting things are happening at work which has been keeping me very busy. As the sun starts to come out more, so do my long necklaces. I have quite the collection of them. Last summer I attended a Lia Sophia Jewelry Party, which turned into hosting one of my own and attending 3 more before the summer was over. Lia Sophia quickly took over my life, and I became a jewelry wearer. Up until that point, I almost never wore jewelry. Besides a simple charm necklace and a hair band, jewelry wasn't much of an option. I attended the first party to help support the friend who was hosting it and I was quickly hooked. Lia Sophia is a great company who makes great pieces. They work largely with costume jewelry, which helps to keep their prices low. Don't get me wrong however, costume does not mean cheaply made. All of my necklaces have real stones and are well constructed. All of their jewelry also comes with a lifetime warranty! I've already had to utilize the warranty. One of my bracelets snapped sending beads flying everywhere. I collected the beads put them in a zip lock bag and sent off the bracelet. It didn't take long for my new one to come either. When we hosted the party, we had no idea that free jewelry was involved. We had figured there would be some discounts for us, but had no idea we would receive free jewelry! In the end my roommate ( at the time) and I each received over $200 in free jewelry! With Lia Sophia's prices being so reasonable, I paid approximately $150, and combined with my free amount was able to receive a ring, 5 bracelets and something like 12 necklaces. I have some small dainty ones, and some long colorful ones. Those are my nice weather necklaces and I'm so excited to begin pulling them out of the closet and wearing them around town.

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