Friday, May 01, 2009

Holes in the Pockets

This face says it all...

I got a Promotion! Things at work have been going fantastic. I had caught wind that a ' title' was coming my way and that was exciting enough. When we sat down to our meeting this week and they announced that they wanted to give me a whole new position complete with a title, a pay raise, a new desk and an employee I wanted to jump out of my seat and cheer! It's always nice to feel like your hard work is being respected and appreciated. Of course I'm still in school until next week so between working harder for longer hours during the transition, interviews all day long, studying for finals all night I am falling asleep before I make it to my bed most nights. That means that I'm behind on my DVR episodes of Deadliest Catch.

This new job has left me feeling a much stronger urge to dress more professional each day. I've always dressed in office attire but I feel a need to dress for lots of meetings, conversations, paperwork and running for building to building.

My boat shoes have brought me great comfort in the last few weeks. I wear at least one pair of these a week, and they are just so comfortable. I don't have any awkward rubbing which means I can think about the task at hand instead of the twitching coming from my heel.

These pants almost make it into the ' donate' pile every time I wear them. They were a great find at $6 at Old Navy but with their first washing they shrunk just enough to make them high waters, kind of. They just graze the floor when I stand barefoot but when I put shoes on, they are given just the extra lift from the floor that causes them to sway above my ankles with every step. So annoying. Even still, they are my only navy pants and even with the holes in the pockets I can't seem to part with them. Especially now when my life seems to be going crazy I can't help but to hold on a little tighter to my old favorites.

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