Monday, April 27, 2009

Professional Golf Wear

Friday the weather was gorgeous here in New York but I woke up late and wasn't feeling very inspirational. My brown trousers made sense, but to help casually dress them up, I threw on my white polo. I am not much of a polo wear-er myself. I usually reserve them for functions with Johnny parents at the country club, or for golfing. It was the lack of polo's as everyday wear that made me decide to put it on. It was a great choice in the end. I had a bunch of unexpected meetings which had me shaking hands and introducing myself all over town. The polo helped me feel professional and approachable. With cardigans still an non-option for another day, the layered tank and polo was plenty to keep me warm. My favorite part of the outfit? It hid the winter curves that I am still trying to work away. Sometimes fabric really can be a girl's best friend.

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JGeb said...

Cool pic. I used to be a polo addict, but out of the too many I own I never found a white one quite as classic as yours.