Friday, March 13, 2009

Show and Tell Time

Work is crazy. I wanted to keep my outfit pretty simple, but smart since the winds have picked up meaning that even if our temperature is rising, the feeling of cold has continued. I'm always afraid that these boots make my calves look a bit wide, but they are just so comfortable I simply don't care. I ended up working for 13 hours yesterday, and I'm thankful this is the outfit I chose to spend my day in. The colors cheered me up and kept me de-stressed a bit. This outfit was my first attempt at a full tri-ad, but I'm pretty happy with the results. I was at first concerned that the combination of Red, Yellow and Blue would make me resemble a kindergarten bulletin board, but I was mistaken. A big part on my belief with fashion is that if you don't put together mistakes, you'll never learn from them, and you'll never know if they weren't even mistakes in the first place. This one will be filled under, 'not a mistake', 'wear it again', 'play with the colors again' and 'don't worry, you won't attract 5 year olds with this outfit.'

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