Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Positive Reinforcement Skirt

Last week at work was crazy. I was so exhausted I discovered bags under my eyes before bed on Friday. Waking up Saturday I was suprised by how messy my apartment had gotten during the week, but working the 13 hour days means I often came home and climbed right into bed, but not before attempting to study just a bit. As exhaustion was setting in big time Thursday night, I decided that I would need to put together a pick-me-up sort of outfit for Friday. I was hoping that the great combination of neutrals with a pop and my new favorite Kmart booties would keep my demeanor at work calm and relaxed, and would help me to work with my head a little higher in the air. The thinking was great, and I felt so relaxed as I got dressed Friday morning. With-in an hour of sitting at my desk however, the effect was gone. Frustration overcame my already overly busy mind and my outfit was the furthest thing from my mind. When a friend called and suggested that Johnny and I join some of our friends for dinner I was excited to say yes, and to envision a well cooked Italian meal with a cocktail on the side. I spent my afternoon doing deliveries, ( Anything for the team), and while these shoes were completely inappropriate for delivering product, as I strolled through the various grocery stores to drop off the deliveries I couldn't help but to enjoy the stares I was receiving. I'm sure I looked ridiculous. I was pushing carts full of boxes in tights, heels and my white pea coat. I didn't mind though. My outfit was perfect for dinner, it kept me happy for my trip to and from work and even elicited a few stares. Another successful outfit combination.

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Anonymous said...

Don't the booties just make you feel sassy! The other day it rained when I had mine on and as I was skipping around the puddles a scene from some Sex and the City episode of Carrie running around in the rain with fierce shoes on flashed in my head. ♥ it!