Friday, March 13, 2009

Power Skirt

I was excited to wear my new thrifted Red Suede High Heels, and decided that my never worn diamond patterned tights would be a great fit. Continuing to work up I knew that my $5 silky looking Wal-mart skirt would be a natural fit and than a neutral top with a pop of blue would mean that I was sticking with a two-thirds color combination. I put my outfit together with confidence, but had no idea just how useful it would soon become. The company I work for manufactured meat, and with Corn Beef being our major money maker, this time of year is a circus. With-in minutes of walking through the door the phone is ringing, employees are screaming , the computer is freezing and meat continues to fly out the door. It is all pretty exciting and nerve racking and enraging all at the same time. Wednesday as I was trying to get through some paperwork first thing, 2 of our employees came in to tell me that one of the delivery drivers who was doing a drop-off came storming through the plant screaming and yelling and dropping every curse word he would think of because we weren't moving fast enough to get the product off of his truck. I was not about to stand for that nonsense. As I jumped up from my seat to hunt this man down our maintenance man yelled after me, " I can take care of it", " No Shawn, I shouted back. Don't worry about me I've got my power skirt on!". I had meant it as a bit of a joke, but boy was the skirt effective. With a hand shake a thank you for your patience we are on it right now and the guy was happy as a clam. Sometimes it absolutely rocks to be a women. Feminists say that women should be treated as equals, but frankly if wearing a nice skirt will sometimes help get things accomplished, and I don't mean in a sleazy look at me kind of way, but in an authoritative well put together lady in charge kind of way, than I have absolutely no problem wearing skirts.

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