Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jessica Simpson Tortoise Shell Heels

As I wandered through my local Goodwill yesterday I was keeping my eye open for purple tags, the color of the week and meaning all items with those tags are 50% off. As I searched through the shoes section something caught my eye that immediately caught my breathe as well. A pair of Jessica Simpson Tortoise Shell Heels! I just didn't win them on E-bay but had bid 35 dollars. They finally sold at the $75 mark, and here they were for $6! I took them off the shelf and closed my eyes to a squint as I attempted to squeeze my Godzilla sized feet into these tiny barbie-doll size shoes. Not so surprisingly they didn't fit, and were actually about 2 sizes too small. But I stood for a second and considered what friends I had that had much smaller feet than me, if I couldn't have these shoes, someone who will appreciate them must! I could think of no-one, so instead I told the clerk who rang me out about their original full price being hundreds more and how they are still considered her in season shoe. I hope the clerk took my advice and scooped them up. Hopefully she's dancing around her bedroom in these beautiful pieces of patent leather and wishing she had a grand dance to attend. I just hope they land in the hands of someone who will appreciate them as I would have.

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Anonymous said...

You should have bought them and flipped them on ebay! Fate is on your side though it seems - you will find the shoes, in your size, at a great deal soon!