Friday, March 06, 2009

Patterned Must Have

I saw this sweater last fall when a friend and I were browsing through Weathervane's amazing store closing sales. I loved it right away. The pattern caught my eye and the royal purple drew me right in. I tried it on and started the important 20 questions. The first of course being, will I be able to wear this with more than one of pieces already in my closet? The answer? Absolutely not. Even still I just couldn't part with it. It is warm, it is bright and it describes my personality with no words. I am bright and classic all at the same time. I have managed to get a lot of use out of the sweater, especially considering it will only ever be paired with a black shirt and jeans. Sometimes it's important for a girl to have those one-time-only kind of pieces in their closet. Those pieces that have a very specific purpose. More importantly, when clothes speak to you, you should do nothing but agree.


*Diane* said...

I love that hoodie! Very fun :-)

style munch said...

aw i love pieces that just call to you - purple is a lovely color on you, and if it describes your personality then go for it(: good buy xx

JGeb said...

Love the color of your sweater...very bright and becoming on you!