Thursday, March 05, 2009

Clearance Sale!!

I needed to make a quick stop of Rite Aid on my way to school last night. My nail polish was chipping, a huge pet peeve of mine, so I decided that spending a few dollars and picking up some polish remover was worth the stop. What I hadn't expected was to be greeted by a cosmetic aisle full of little yellow tabs. I wasn't in the market for make-up, but you can resist just looking at the yellow sale signs right? Imagine my surprise when I noticed that The N.Y.C. and the Wet and Wild display cases yellow tabs all said 75% off. My daily make-up routine is pretty simple, foundation, bronzer, eyeliner and if I'm feeling feisty mascara. When we go out though, and I have the time I like to switch it up and try new looks and colors. Wet and Wild was the first make-up company I tried back in my pre-teen days, largely because the prices are often very affordable. I have since spent much more on make-up and more core products do cost me a bit more. Even still, on the items that I know I will only spend a few nights a month in I always look for a good sale. And 75% off qualifies as a good deal! I tediously went through each rack doing math in my head and considering how much I needed the products. My bronzer is on it's last leg, and my mascara has started clumping so I was in the market for a new one. I will always pick-up a great lip gloss and those things were only just the start of my finds!

Starting from the Top Left Hand Corner:
1. Sugar Glaze Lip Gloss $0.74
2. Lip Balm $0.49
3. Manhattan Color Kit $1.24
4. Pastel Color Kit $1.24
5. Ivory Face Powder $0.74
6. 2 Step Mascara ( Lengthening and Plumping) $0.99
7. Jumbo Lip Gloss $2.99
8. Mellow Powder Blush $ 1.49
9. Nail Polish $0.49
10. Liquid Concealer $0.74
11. Powder Bronzer $2.99
12. Face Illuminator $0.74
13. Pretty Nail Polish Remover $1.50
I managed to scoop up 13 products for just under $17 with some tax. Usually that is the total cost of 2 items for me! The products that weren't on their clearance for 75% were also on sale for Buy 1 get 1 half, still a pretty impressive deal. I've already fallen in love with the Jumbo Lip Gloss, which brings me back to my days of High School and all of the girls addictions Lip Smacks, " Big Slick". Oh how we loved those large scale lip glosses with fruity flavors! With so many new items sitting in my make-up basket at home, I think I may need to dress it up a bit tonight for Trivia, or maybe for my Grief Counseling course this weekend. Who doesn't want to look their best for their Grief Counseling Saturday and Sunday class??

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Ally said...

My Rite Aid had a TON of stuff 75% off too AND a lot of the major brands were Buy one, get one free. I had to limit myself to three clearance items before I bought everything in the store!

You made a great haul - I love Wet 'n Wild - it's a great way to try a new look w/out breaking the bank.