Monday, March 09, 2009

The Perfect Booties

I had been searching out the perfect pair of booties all Winter. While at first I was a bit cautious as to their wear-ability, but seeing Kim at my new favorite blog, Fab Find under $50( had been wearing her pair from Kmart for weeks now I just couldn't deny how great they looked, and how well they went with so many of her outfits. Kmart is a company that has left me pretty weary in the last few years. All of the local stores have closed and the few that are left are largely lacking in any products worth looking at. Even still, her booties impressed me and I couldn't help but to wander over to their website. I was absolutely amazed at their selection. All of their shoes looked so cute, and with prices so affordable I was excited to start my online shopping.

These booties were a $27 dollar purchase and with-in minutes of putting them on after their arrival I had already envisioned tons of outfits. My biggest problem will be not over wearing them now. After reading a blog Kim had posted a few weeks ago about my favorite shoe role model, Carrie Bradshaw I have been keeping my eyes open for my own pair of knock-off Dior Extreme Sandals. They were a pair of Heels Sarah Jessica Parker wore through-out most of Sex and the City the movie, and after discovering that Kim had found a replica version for such an affordable pricing I couldn't help but want to search out my own pair. Imagine my surprise when there they were looking at me through the Kmart website, in black and with a $27 price tag. I quickly added them to may cart and began envisioning myself becoming a Carrie Bradshaw replica myself.
Kmart's online shoe selection was so impressive that I couldn't help but to scroll through all 600 of their options. As soon as these slouch gray boots came on the screen I swooned, but only a bit. They were so elegant in the gray, but with a bit of an edge that fits right into my style. They didn't have them in my normal 8.5 size and I was so disappointed. I clicked off the website saddened by the lack of sizing. All night however those boots walked through my mind, and I decided that I would take the risk and order them in a size 9, but for $20 I thought the risk was worth taking. I was pretty sure that they would be too big, making them hard to walk in and when I pulled them out of the box I must admit I closed my eyes a bit while I slipped my feet into the pair. They are a perfect fit! In fact after walking around the house a bit in them, I quickly decided that if I had gotten them any smaller they would never have fit.

I imagine myself wearing them with mustard colored tights. However I don't have any idea what clothes I would wear with my mustard tights and gray booties, and I don't own any mustard tights so for now I shall prance around my apartment in my new best friends while I decide what else to pair with them.
Thank you to Kmart for proving me wrong, and Thank you to Kim for unknowingly convincing me to look outside my shopping box!


Anonymous said...

Love, love, love all of your shoe choices! I have been thinking about ordering up the booties in purple and I really like the gray as well. So many shoes . . . not enough feet! Glad my posting about these booties helped bring some fab shoes into your life!

Fashion Therapist said...

I love those gray shoes!!! Hmmm I might have to visit Kmart!

Kayla said...

I'm telling you ladies, Kmart's selection was impressive. And the gray booties and so comfortable. I'm still having a hard time deciding what in the world to wear them with.

Anonymous said...

I noticed last night that Kmart currently has their shoes buy one, get one 1/2 off. I noticed this after ordering two pairs from Endless and another pair from Solestruck. I told myself I was going to be good, but dang, I might just have to be bad and order a couple of pairs while the deal is still going on! :-)

Kayla said...

oo, you probably shouldn't have told me that :)