Monday, February 02, 2009

Yellow Bracelet

YAY STEELERS! Dating a Steeler fan meant this year's superbowl was sure to be an adventure. We had a bit of a party with food and decorations galore. Johnny has been growing a mustache for the last few weeks in honor of Cowell, the last coach during the Steelers Superbowl trip. The 70s porn star look just never really grew on me, superstitions and all so I was secretly really excited for SUnday night to come knowing that the mustache would be gone for good. I appreciate the fan superstitions, as long as you change your socks and underwear, but I was still excited to see it go. In honor of the game JT's sister and I got some mustaches of our own which clearly helped Holmes making the game winning touchdown. Go MUSTACHE POWER!!! One of my best friends made an observation yesterday that made me giggle. As we studied yesterday morning she said, " you know why I love you Kayla? Because you are wearing, jeans and a football jersey with a matching bracelet". A lady is always a lady, even during a wing eating, picture taking, screaming game night.

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