Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Plaid Pants

As I searched my closet this morning in a crusty eyed haze, I decided that I need a warm feeling outfit today. Thus came out my pink and brown plaid pants.

I originally picked up these beauties at an H&M sale. They were $10 actually, and technically were "buy one get one free " so I also got a thick sweater jacket, making them $5. They are a great thick material with a satin feeling linning. I'm always on the look out for great work pants so when I saw these on the rack I crossed my fingers and headed to the dressing room. I loved them at the time, and they actually had similar one's with blue strips causing me to strongly consider pickign up both pairs and ditching the sweater all together. I have worn them all of 1 time since their purchase during the holiday's. I originally wore them with a pink turtleneck and while I got a ton of compliments on the shirt at the time, no-one seemed to notice that my pants were also of the girl-color variety. They are a great length, which is often hard for me to find ( especially in H&M) and they are thick enough to keep me warm. I've been avoiding them for awhile unsure of what to pair with them. In fact for a brief moment this morning as I stood in the bathroom in my pants and a bra i considered not wearing a shirt all together. I was running late anyways, I'm sure no one would notice right??

In the end I settled on a black shirt. I usually avoid black and brown together. They are two seperate colors and often clash. But I'm living on the fashion edge now, and I am quite pleased with the result. A white tank top to seperate the two strong colors. A matching pink bracelet and I am a happy office worker. And a very happy closet shopper.

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