Monday, February 16, 2009

Yellow Beads

Johnny had an event downtown we needed to attend and I couldn't wait to figure out a great outfit to wear with my new black heels. I settled on this dress, one I normally reserve for the summer because it is made of cotton, very lightweight and gives of a comfortable feel more than a fancy one. Even still I decided that with a plain shirt and some black tights, plus a little pissaz in the way of a necklace and my great black shoes the outfit would work just fine for a Friday night bar. What I hadn't counted on was that by the time I would arrive at JT's house he would have passed out in bed and be impossible to wake up. So instead I climbed in next to him and slept through the event completely. I didn't mind, it was so cold out anyways and I enjoy the getting dressed more than the actual wearing of the clothes many times. Even still, without a great story of pre-Valentine's day drunkenness, I did learn a few things that evening. Photography is something that I have taken a great liking to in the last few years. Mostly people. I am not very skilled in the way of photographing landscape, but I love getting shots of people. Put me in a park for a day and I can leave with hundreds of great shots. Johnny hates getting his pictures taken and even still has allowed me to photograph him on a few occasions. I usually have to sneak them in but always manage to get some shots that even he is impressed with. My favorite people to photograph are my cousins. I used to nanny for them so I almost started my love of photography due in part to them. Lily is now 3 years old and Liam is a year and a half and the pictures I have of both of them can rival many pictures you see taken professionally. Despite all of their attempted photo sessions for the ever necessary Christmas cards, my Uncle and Aunt continue to prefer photos I've taken and so they can be seen in 8x10 versions and hanging through their house. Relative to that fact, what I've come to discover is just how bad I am at taking pictures of myself. They always say, those who can't do teach and this may be a great example of just that. Even angle I try to shoot at looks off, and while granted I am using my camera's self timer and placing the camera on tables, shelves, coffee tables, but even still I should be able to get a half-way decent picture of me looking straight on and smiling right? Wrong? The above picture is a great example. I didn't manage to get my face or shoes in the picture at all and yet it was one of the best I managed to squeak out that day. Because the lighting was so off it casted this horrible shadow on my arm which looks like a pit-stain. I had the same trouble the next day when trying to attempt a photo with my new green shoes. I think it's simply an art that I haven't yet discovered. I'm going to have to play with the lighting in certain corners of my apartment, and different settings of my camera to see if I can perfect the art. I have discovered, as many of you daily outfit bloggers have that you may put together some clothes and have a certain feeling about that outfit, and than after taking a picture of the outfit you realize that the feeling that the outfit gives off is totally different than you had expected. You can learn a lot when you get a chance to reflect on the entire thing and I hope to be able to find the perfect photography angle to do just that. Until than however, pit-stain shadows and poorly lite corners will have to do. Sorry

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