Monday, February 16, 2009

New Shoes

My intentions were pure. I need new lamps, especially since all of my current lamps will be moving out by the end of next week so I need to get serious and buy 2 stand-up lamps and 2 table lamps. So after work last Friday I decided to head over to the local mall to see what prices I could get on some basic lamps. Nothing decorative, just ones that will product light until I decide that I want something fancier. I should have known. I shouldn't have pulled into the parking lot, I shouldn't have put the car in park and I definitely shouldn't have gone into the store. How could I not wander out of Store A and into Store B, located right next store and displaying a great BOGO sign in the front. Payless has always been a weakness of mine, and Friday was no exception. I always look through my sizes, restricting my eyes to the lowest level clearance items and lately have found nothing that I liked. Friday was no different, until on my way out I found the cutest shoes ever! With a great $8 price tag I had to try them out, and than spend the next 10 minutes searching for the second part of my half of deal.

These were the second part of my purchase. For a great $9 price tag, I thought that the simple details would be a great addition to my shoe collection. I don't need another pair of black heels, but with the cut-outs on the bottom and the silver pipping I thought they would make a great pair to have. Plus with so many weddings this spring and summer I know that they will get tons of wear. I can already picture them with tons of my skirts for work so It was a worthwhile purchase.

These were my original find. I loved the colors right away. a pale, distressed green with two toned brown heels. I loved the double straps and knew that I just had to have these shoes. With both pairs being on sale I technically only paid $4 for these shoes, which will automatically make any pair even better. I wore them yesterday and they were great to wear. Comfortable, cute and they even got a few compliments of their own.

I had intended to head straight home but couldn't help but to stop at the local Goodwill which happened to be on my way home. The color of the week was Red so every Red item in the store was 50%. These shoes weren't red, but they did have a red sticker on them putting them at the half price sale. Would I have bought them if I saw them in a store? Not if they were $20. But with their price of $3 I couldn't say no. They will be great with some sweet skirts in the spring and perfect for office wear. They are so comfortable, and while they don't say much by themselves, they will be a great neutral answer to an outfit that won't need any extra umph. I tend to buy shoes that make statements on their own. I love a pair that if I walked into a room full of people naked, but wearing a great pair of shoes, oo's and aah's will come from the crowd before they even realize that I am stark nude. Of course I never plan on testing that theory, but it's one I secretly live with. Nothing it better than putting on a simple black top, jeans and a great pair of heels and suddenly being dressed up , feeling fancy and ready to go. These are almost the exact opposite of what I normally look for. People won't notice these shoes first, but that's what will make them perfect with my of my work pants, and even some of my crazier skirts. And for $3 if I only wear them once, I will still be getting my money's worth.
No lamps, but 3 pairs of shoes and for under $20. I still need lamps but I can't help but feel accomplished by my purchases, instead of disappointment by my lack of lighting. These shoes will shine on their own so who needs light anyways?

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